Thursday, August 17, 2017

I love New York... and I will miss it!

Big thanks to my hubby! He took a few of these pictures!

We lived in New York state for a hot minute. And it was great. 

We moved up there because my husband was transferred within his company from our Florida location to an Upstate New York office. I was very excited to move from Florida because I really did not like Florida. I’m a delicate flower (go ahead, laugh) and I was withering in Florida. It was so damn hot… all of the time. I lived in Northern Florida and it took a while to get to an ocean. And even when we got to the ocean, it was so hot on the sand that I didn’t want to be out there. I’m not a fan of water activities (it’s because I’m a Taurus… we like to be on solid ground), so swimming in the big, scary ocean wasn’t my thing. I’m okay with sitting on the beach if it wasn’t a million degrees out… but I’m getting off track. What I’m trying to say is that I couldn’t get out of Florida fast enough. 

The draw of New York was that we’d be living in the Appalachian Mountains again. We once lived in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, and this New York town was going to be a smaller, more northern Asheville. 

When we moved in February of 2017, it was still winter and snowing. We even had a big snow that trapped my kiddo and me in the house for a few days. I didn’t mind since we had just moved. So I spent time unpacking. Once Spring had sprung, we were out on the town most days. We lived in a great spot that was near downtown and near shopping. The area was beautiful… we had green mountain views and lovely spring flowers wherever we looked. The local library was wonderful! My kiddo and I went at least once a week, if not more. And the parks were my toddler’s favorite.

Then my husband threw our family for a loop… he had an opportunity to move to Colorado Springs, Colorado. This opportunity came only 3 months after moving our entire household to New York. Honestly, I was livid at first. I had a lot of stress moving from Florida to New York and I just couldn’t imagine doing it again. AND SO SOON! After a few days, I decided to consider the move. We have a lot of family in the Midwest. My husband and I met in Nebraska, married and then moved to North Carolina. When we moved, we left behind almost our entire family. So coming back brought us only hours away from most family. Plus, we’re picky… we moved from Nebraska because we didn’t like living in small towns (and unfortunately, a lot of small minds). So moving to a bigger city like Colorado Springs was a bonus. In the end… he got the job and I ordered a ton of moving boxes; I got rid of the others because I thought we’d be in New York for a while. Ha! The joke was on me!

In the end, we were only in New York for four and a half months. But I really loved it. I was looking forward to the more mild weather, the opportunity to actually grown something in the yard (did I mention that most of Florida is just sand… not dirt, just sand), the natural beauty of the area, how close some family attractions were, the ease of traveling from home to area shopping or venues and what kind of life we were going to live in the Northeast.

Colorado has a ton to offer, so we are not suffering at all. I was just madly in love with New York the moment we set foot on the ground or I was just happy to be out of Florida. I’ll let you decide!

Have you ever moved this quickly? If so, let's commiserate! Share your experiences below in the comments!
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