Pregnancy & Infant Loss

In honor of Siobhan & Ronan

When I first lost my twins, there was only one thing that kept me from losing my mind completely... service. I knew that I would've raised my children to be of service to others. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to raise them. Instead, I focused on being of service to others in need. And I was now doing it in honor of my twins, Siobhan and Ronan.

The types of service I have done in their honor include:

  • raising money for the March of Dimes & participating in walks/auctions
  • donating to homeless shelters
  • donating my time/goods to other parents (including loss parents)
  • donating to organizations that help children
  • making angel gowns for babies to be buried in
  • making crocheted blankets & hats for lost infants
  • donating money to organizations that prepare memory boxes for lost infants
  • writing articles about loss
  • creating pamphlets about topics that impact loss parents

And it doesn't stop there. I now raise my rainbow baby to know and love his other siblings. He also helps his father and me with our service to others. To this day, I still answer emails from other parents who have had a loss and need support. They often find me on my YouTube channel or through Facebook groups.

If you have suffered a loss, there are many places to turn for help. You can contact me and I'm happy to answer questions or talk with you about your experiences.

You can also follow these links to resources that I have found helpful.

Also, I put a lot of my infertility & infant loss journey on my YouTube channel. Please check it out!


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