Thursday, June 16, 2011

LET'S TALK ABOUT :: m. ranae designs

I'd like to talk about my home business.

I design & sew bags, wallets and other accessories. Other stuff includes pouches, makeup bags, purses, lunch bags and other weird stuff that doesn't fall under the "accessories" title.

I've been working from home (not exclusively yet) since 2008. I sell on Etsy and in person (sometimes at a craft show).

Even though business has been slow this year (mainly because my production has been slow), I still love it and hope I'm making bags well into my 200th year.

I have an m. ranae blog you can visit, but I'm gonna stop posting there and post here exclusively. But you can still find me in a few other places on the web. Follow Me, Like Me and be my friend (even if you're not buying).

My Main Website

My Etsy Shop



Soon-to-be-former Blog

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