Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm a fish!

Yesterday, Hubby and I went with two friends and their kids to Lake Jocassee in South Carolina. The lake was fabulous and the weather was equally fabulous.
An incident of lost prescription sunglasses (yes, husband, I'm talking about you here) led to snorkeling & diving for our well-spent money... now lying on the bottom of the lake. Good news... the glasses were found! Luke had to drive a mile from the lake to a dive shop and rent snorkeling gear, but they were found.

And after our property was safely back on the beach, we enjoyed the snorkeling mask.

And it's here in the story where I get nerdy and gush about how much fun I had.

The hubby has seen and experienced more of the world and has special skills under his belt, like snorkeling. I barely know how to swim (self-taught, thank you!).
So after a quick lesson on how to use the mask and breath with the mask on, I was out in the lake looking for treasure. Our friend called us Jacques Cousteau since we were off for most of the trip searching & diving for underwater treasure.

I was most exciting about getting a fish-eyed view of the lake. I was giddy, to say the least, looking for other fish friends and marveling about how odd & mystical it was under the water. I see, now, what Jacques was after all those years ago. It's an amazing world down under the water. I only saw rocks and plants, but I was fascinated nonetheless.

Our backs are sunburned, but we're already talking about our next underwater adventure. And only now, am I interested in snorkeling in tropical waters.

It's time to save money and take a trip to Jamaica or Cozumel.

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