Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Boxy Cosmetic Bag - Tutorial Review

I love searching the internet for tutorials on how to make things... blame the Martha Stewart in me... I love glue, scissors and glitter.

So recently I made my mother a cosmetic bag and I decided to try a new tutorial.

This one was from Skip to My Lou. It's a great craft blog with tips, tutorials and other fun stuff. The tutorial was for a boxy cosmetic bag... it's like origami almost and when you're done, it's in a box shape.

Now this was an easy tutorial, but not for a new seamstress/seamster. This is best used by someone who's been around the sewing block. And the renegade in me didn't follow the instructions precisely. The changes I made include:

  • I put a layer of interfacing on the outer fabric.
  • I put a layer of fleece on the inner fabric.
  • I cut all my seams with pinking shears.
  • I added a little handle.

Overall, it was fun and created a nice bag. The blog has other fun tutorials (some recipes and others that don't involve sewing). So please check it out... and check back here... I'll be sharing more of my finds.

Ta-Ta for now.

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