Wednesday, August 8, 2012

First YouTube video!

I'm excited to present my first YouTube video.

It's about our journey trying-to-conceive so far... it's just to get you on the same page. 
I tried to keep it fairly short... but it is a five year history!

Enjoy and please subscribe to my channel so you can be updated on new videos!


  1. A. you're a hottie
    B. you should take up public speaking
    C. I think you deserve a hug, a pedicure, and lots of things for the shit you two have been through. You're tough as hell.

    Good luck awesome lady.

    P.s. I love the intro. Apparently you're way more technologically knowledgeable than me.

    1. Thank you! I just used iMovie on my Mac... it was easy!
      I uploaded another... should be available to watch soon.