Friday, July 7, 2017

10 Favorite Cruelty-Free Brands

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I recently posted about how I went cruelty-free with my beauty and household products. In the post I talked about how much easier it was than I initially expected. You can read that post here.

Now I'd like to share with you 10 favorite cruelty-free brands. I've used theses few brands for a while and really like them... I barely remember what I used before I went cruelty-free.

1. Method - I use a ton of Method in the house. We use this brand for hand soap, dish soap, cleaners and laundry detergent. This was one brand I was using many years before I went cruelty-free.

2. Yes to - Yes to products are new to me. There were one of the first things I bought after going cruelty-free. I'm mainly using their skin care items, Yes to Tomatoes, but I am sure I will use more in the future.

3. Hello - This is also a new one to me, but one of my favorites. We use Hello for toothpaste. We've tried a few flavors, but the Supermint is my favorite and the kiddo likes their Watermelon flavor.

4. e.l.f. - I have been using e.l.f. cosmetics for years... mainly because of the high quality vs. the low cost. They have awesome products and I swear, they get better and better. Some of my favs are their Mineral Mascara, cosmetic brushes, and eye shadow palettes.

5. NYX - I've been a fan of NYX for years. My use was sporadic, but now they are my favorite for just about anything. Right now I'm using their liquid HD Studio foundation, eyeliners, brow pencils and eye shadow. My absolute favorite eyeshadow of all time is their Nude Matte Shadow in Lap Dance.

6. Wet n' Wild - I've always known about this cosmetic company, but I really only used things occasionally. Recently I tried their Ombre Blush and PhotoFocus Pressed Powder and I really liked them. So I've added them to my daily use.

7. Shea Moisture - Well, I've always had curly hair... so I've been using Shea Moisture for many years. One of my favorite hair items is their Coconut and Hibiscus Hold & Shine spray. My husband also likes their African Black Soap bar.

8. Paul Mitchell - I only use Paul Mitchell brands for one thing... and it's an important thing, hair gel. My curls respond best if I use a strong hold gel like their Sculpting Gel.

9. Pacifica - The best thing about Pacifica is their scents. WOW! They have so many delicious smells! I really like their Body Butter. I've tried the Persian Rose and the Tuscan Blood Orange... but I will be trying more in the future.

10. Alba Botanica - Alba is great for shampoo/conditioner, body lotions, soaps and skin care (like sunscreen). They have a ton of products and it will take me a while to try them all.

BONUS ITEM: One of the items I still had a lot of was deodorant... I'm excited to try Schmidt's Deodorant in the next week or so since I'm almost out. I've heard wonderful things about it. So I can't say it's great yet, but I'm expecting it to be!

Have you gone cruelty-free? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments below... I love to try new things!

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