Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trolls Themed Birthday Party

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A few days back, my little boy turned two and we threw him a Trolls themed birthday party. The party itself was small... we only invited two other little boys to join. But it was perfect for my kiddo.
To say he loves Trolls is an understatement. I'm embarrassed at the number of times he has watched it (and at the number of times I've used the movie to get some peace or to finish the dishes). That, however, is not the point. The point is that he is obsessed with the movie, the songs, the characters... everything! So picking the Trolls theme was easy.

I really focused on decorations because the party itself was just his two friends coming over, them eating pizza, watching the movie and playing with toys (and later cake). I didn't worry about activities or games because they are so young.
And I tried to DIY it to save money. Some things I had so overall I spent less than $50 on everything for the party minus the pizza we ordered.

The Crayola Coloring Pages I spent many hours coloring.

My kiddo "helped" me color these. LOL!
One of the first things I did was purchase a Trolls Crayola Giant Coloring Pages book. This was a big part of the decor. I just colored Trolls pictures in the evenings after my kiddo had gone to bed. I started these a few weeks before because it takes a while to color giant coloring pages and I wanted to do around 10. On party day, I hung these up around my dining room around the cake table.

This spider looks a little scary, but my kiddo loved it.

Trolls forest creatures, including Cloud Guy (note the blue tablecloth in the back).
Next, I decided to make some of the forest creatures from the movie. If you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about. These are some of the bug-like creatures in the scene where Princess Poppy sings "The Sound of Silence." Also, I made Cloud Guy (you have to see this clip of the movie to explain the insanity that is Cloud Guy). I'm glad I did this extra step because they were some of my kiddo's favorite decorations.
I did this by taking a pack of neon colored paper, like the Recollections South Beach paper pack, and drew the creatures or cut out the shapes of the creatures. I just did this by eye-balling it. I don't think I could instruct someone on how to do this because I was totally winging it. Also for these creatures, I used some pipe cleaners (chenille sticks for you fancy people out there) and an assorted pack of googly-eyes.

After making forest creatures, I had a ton of neon paper left. So I made a paper chain to hang up in the doorway between my dining room and living room. It came out great and I was kinda sad to throw it away after the party was over.

This inexpensive blue tablecloth was very handy for covering the kid's table.
I used a light blue table cloth for two different reasons. First, I used it to cover the kid's table (it's a tiny version of a card table). I covered the little table and then stuck Trolls stickers along the edge of the table. It was another one of my kiddo's favorite decorations. I then used the rest of the light blue tablecloth to cover a door in my dining room. I used the door as a place to hang decorations and we ended up using that area as a picture backdrop.

My kiddo, Lincoln, under the kitchen table. Isn't he adorable?!
We purchased the standard Trolls themed tablecloth, napkins and plates. They were inexpensive and just added to the colorful decor. I wasn't able to find a cake decoration, so I just printed off a picture I liked on card stock and cut it out. I then hot-glued it to a popsicle stick to place in the cake. Worked perfectly! I did make my own cake... check out my blog post about the Color-Surprise Cake I made. I give a full tutorial on how to make it yourself.

A slice of the colorful cake.
The birthday boy in his glow necklace and bracelets.
Lastly, as a party favor, we gave the kids glow bracelets and glow necklaces. They really liked how they lit up, so much, that I think I may give out glow items at the next party I throw.

If you're planning on doing a Trolls themed party, email me! I'd love to help or give you more details on what I did! My kiddo loved it so much and still talks about his "troll party." 

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