Friday, April 19, 2013

Boxes of Junk

We are almost done moving into our new house (same town, different house).
Is it just my mess, or does it seem like the very last load is always a bunch of junk. I swear it's weird things/belongings I didn't care about in the first place... and I'm so desparate to get the moving done, I'm just shoving this junk into a box (appropriately labeled JUNK) and stuffing it in the back of the truck.
These boxes seem to live forever too, like a cockroach. I moved a box from House B to House C that I originally packed when we moved from House A. I have no clue what's in there. I opened it for a few seconds, realized it's contents and taped it back shut. Yes, the junk is still junk we want to keep... I think.
Which I guess leads me to my next thought... do I really want this damn junk?! I say no. So as I've been unpacking, I've been moving unwanted items to boxes & bags for Goodwill. Some stuff, like old makeup, I've been throwing away. It may take a while, but everything I throw out releases the junk weight off my shoulders. Ah! It's refreshing!

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  1. Decluttering is THE BEST! It's amazing what people will buy at a garage sale or from Craigslist too. Enjoy that freeing feeling of more room and organized closets!