Friday, June 8, 2012

Getting My Sh*t Together

Well... we've been in Florida for three weeks. And I'll admit, I'm going a little crazy.

Just ask my poor husband (there has been a lot of crazy-woman ramblings & screaming).

And I really think it's an aftershock to all the crazy that was happening during the last week in NC. I worked overtime all that week... and I was packing the house all week... I was trying to uproot our life (we didn't know we were leaving so fast... honestly, I wasn't ready). I was running around like a lunatic that last week.

And now that we're here in our new house it just so, so quiet. And I don't have a routine yet. I'm just waking up... shuffling here and there... tidying and unpacking...


So now, I'm looking forward to my cousin's wedding on June 23rd. I have to fly to Nebraska and I'll be there for a week. It'll be nice to get that done, fly back to my new home and then I can really start my new life in Florida.

The plan is to start sewing again and blogging. And really, just to get my sh*t together. I'm ready to start my new routine, whatever that may be.

I'm ready.

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